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Spend days trawling through your site trying to find which heading you put the equality policy in?
Or Aimlessly researching on what needs to be on the website.

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Why use the iTCHYROBOT Ofsted checker?

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  • ofsted checker
  • ofsted checker

What is the Ofsted checker?

The Ofsted Checker is an interactive checklist that is integrated with your website and will allow you to monitor and maintain the statutory content within it. Automated emails will update you monthly as to what requires review and a reminder as to what percentage your website is compliant.

How does it work?

The Ofsted checker has a number of different features to assist you with the management of your online statutory content. This includes:

Initial check-list set up

The initial set-up takes around an hour to complete and requires you to either: link the requirement to the location of the content on your website.

All of the requirements for Ofsted compliance is in line with the current information on the Government Guidance information which can be found here.


Monthly Ofsted Dashboard Report

For those emails that have registered, you will receive your monthly compliance checklist results. This will indicate the percentage your site is compliant, the areas in which are due for review in the next 30 days and also any new requirements that are due to be included.

Ofsted Helper

The Ofsted Checker is also linked to a page on the front end of your website that can be accessed by Ofsted inspectors and will provide them with an easy to use, comprehensive overview of where the statutory information is placed on your school website with a link to the relevant information.

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