Supporting a local charity

Our aim is to build long-term relationships with small local charities and support them by raising funds and donating our time to make a meaningful impact.

Who we support

  • Cleveland Mountain Rescue
  • Keswick Mountain Rescue


As most of our team enjoy getting outdoors, whether it’s into the hills, running, climbing or walking, it seemed appropriate to support those who volunteer their time for those rare occasions when people find themselves in difficulty.

Having spent a considerable amount of time with our local team and witnessed their dedication to training and the passion they have for their service in the Cleveland region the team fitted all our criteria.

Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team is financially self-supported and is made up of 50 volunteers.  Each year they need to raise in excess of £30,000 to continue to operate within a vast area covering both North Yorkshire and Cleveland delivering thousands of hours of rescue services per year.


To date we have;

  • Built multiple mobile applications for Android and iOS
  • Developed the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team website
  • Setup and manage their emails and Sharepoint systems on Microsoft Office 365
  • Setup and manage Google Adwords
  • Developed an online training and competency management system
  • Raised £500 to date
  • Taken part in two 26 mile, Cleveland Survival Walks
  • Acted as bodies for Cleveland Mountain Rescue team training sessions
  • Assist with Operation IT Equipment maintenance

How we picked our charity partners

Our aim is to make a meaningful impact to our supported charity.  This means we have to be selective.

The charities we work with must:

  • Be registered and regulated by the charities commission
  • Be local to our offices or operate in an area we do business
  • Work within their local community
  • Have no paid staff members
  • Be financially independent