Why Comply?

All school websites have the difficult task of balancing the aesthetics and usability of their website against ensuring their website complies with all Ofsted requirements.

Our websites are a perfect solution. The Comply package ensures that all of your ‘necessities’ are in place to allow you to focus your efforts on engaging and communicating with your wider audience.

Hosting & Support

Within all of our packages , hosting and support are provided as standard but can be tailored to your individual needs.

iTCHYROBOT provides all of our clients with reliable, secure hosting on high performance dedicated servers based in the UK.

What's included?

Ofsted checker

Your school website is the first place Ofsted will look to gain an understanding of your school. What will they see? An out of date Policy, missing Pupil Premium? How can you ensure your website has all of the information that is required to make your website Ofsted Compliant? Our Ofsted Checker is an innovative tool that will provide you with what needs to be on your site and provide alerts if policies have not been updated, governing information is missing or you have not updated your Pupil Premium.  


Are your policies easy to find on your website? Can your stakeholders find what they are looking for easily? Why not keep all of your policies in an easy to find Policy portal. Add, edit or remove policies in a few clicks. As this is linked to the Ofsted Checker. It will also highlight which policies are missing or have not been updated.

Governor portal

Ensuring governance is undertaken as effectively as possible is key in a successful school. How do you communicate with governors to provide information regularly accessible to them? Our Governor Portal is a secure area where information can be uploaded including statistics, minutes of meetings or other sensitive information. Governors can log in to access the information easily and download the information they require.

Hosting and support

Hosting and support are provided as standard but can be tailored to your individual needs.



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Mobile App
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